Ashanti is a beautiful story of African creativity: Ashanti uses local materials in a responsible way, in the respect of a know-how inherited from techniques culturally attached to a few rural villages of the African sub-continent.

The success of the brand is in part due to a close  relationship with skilled craftsmen who have allowed the brand to create the main resource of Ashanti – the ability to create something from scratch; clearly a philosophy of recycling and transformation to create a unique and wonderful product.
Ashanti recycles fabric waste from the garment fashion  industry. They are sorted by color, separated to obtain a priming layer and shredded by hand in narrow strips with specific tools. These bands are closely linked and then rolled into balls, conditioned to be mounted on African solid wood handicrafts.

Ashanti uses then the recovered woven material  to manufacture  products of the highest quality offering customers a durable and original  product.

As each product is hand-woven with love, each item is perfectly, wonderfully, consistently contradictory – no product will ever be quite like another…..

Rectangular and multicolored cushion 40 x 60 cm

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