Angel was born in 1993 in Cameroon. He discovered art from his childhood. He passed the Foumban Fine Arts Competition (IBAF). His studies allowed him approach renowned artists such as H Doumbi and JJ Kanté, from whom he learned his technique.

His creations focus on intimate relationships related to the notions of negative dependence.


Anjel is interested in producing works that present a sort of mirror for internal introspection. From an aesthetic point of view, his artworks dwell on the metaphorical relationship of the elements that intervene and change. His approach transcends his own artistic will,  in an introspective quest and is closely linked to the search for his own subjects. His work is a kind of interrogation and presentation of the facts of negative dependence. For the artist, « it is important that man realizes that to refuse any type of dependence is to put the man at a higher level »

Sapé comme jamais

His favorite themes are social and so-called taboo subjects.


Anjel presents paintings where the characters are “addicted” to things or concepts, fashion, brands, appearance. For the artist, in our world, consumption is used as a catalyst, making people  believe that the accumulation of wealth makes them superior and allows them to rise in society. Curious and interested in everything he sees, Anjel devotes himself to different artistic disciplines such as painting, drawing, video and digital arts.

He has participated in several African group exhibitions in Brazzaville, Yaounde, etc … In 2017, he participated in the exhibition « Congo la Sape « at the Out of Africa gallery in Barcelona.

Pieces at the Gallery

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