“Identity chaos” duo exhibition by Myriam Kone and Ismael Toure

Opening on Thursday, April 28 from 6 p.m.

ILAB-Design Galerie in this month of April 2022 is honoured to present the works of two young emerging artists from the Swiss diaspora: the Ivoro-German Myriam Koné and the young Chadian Ismael Touré. Two artists whose cultural crossbreeding and identity questioning inspire their creative approaches

Myriam Koné has no hesitation in revealing her psychic intimacy: a first novel “The multicoloured pieces of destiny” and her paintings where faces and bodies dialogue, reveal her urgency to create to overcome doubt, pain, questioning and the traumas of life.

Art channels it and gives it all the latitude necessary to conceptualise its mixing by decompartmentalization and the open fields of hybrid production in an explosion of shapes, visuals, colours and materials.

Her artistic expression is an ode to the woman, the nursing mother and the one she has become: it is even possible to recognise her on her canvases unless it is her double, her other self.

The quest for the self is also the recurring theme of Ismael Touré’s artistic approach. If his identity and mixing are the central elements of his compositions, as a conductor of images, he rhythms his pictorial compositions and makes them coexist. As if the feeling of being fragmented motivated his search and expression. Graphics, illustration, comics, manga, typography, advertising… this touch to everything from the image has explored all the codes of visual expression before focussing on a more minimalist plastic language: the portrait. Its graphic expression gains in balance and flexibility.

Both claim a divided but double identity, shared between the African continent and Switzerland, being neither quite one nor quite the other but a harmonious mixture. This quest for root is expressed in an art overflowing with vital impulses and a multitude of emotions where fragility, nostalgia, abyss of depression and the aspiration for reconstruction for one and construction for one coexist.

The aesthetic messages they convey through their paintings are both visible and invisible.

The result is works full of joy, colours, modesty, life. A gallery of strong portraits. Drawing their creativity from the concept of identity gave them an understanding of themselves, influencing the way they paint, create and write. The practice of identity exploration opens up to diversity, suggesting the importance of gaps, half-tints, dilutions and frank or blunt affirmations







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