What’s new at ILAB-DESIGN ?

… When Art meets Fashion

Come enjoy «Kuba by Kumesu» !

Ilab-design has spotted Kumesu after its successful launch during the London fashion week and showcases this luxury handbag brand based in Nigeria. The designer’s concept : make traditional kuba fabrics a hit for a bag collection and produce luxurious, innovative artisanal pieces entirely handmade. A limited edition making the collection totally exclusive with stunning one off pieces!

Fashion show/shopping event at Ilab-design in our Concept store     on the 3rd May 2019. 7pm-9pm

  South African Distinctive Clay Art : Come enjoy « Imiso Ceramics » !

ILAB-Design is so exited to introduce you to the most creative ceramics ever! Various design and textures for a total contemporary look and feel. Andile Dyalvane: « Clay breathes. It’s alive with becoming and moves with my energy, listens and holds what I have impressed on it. If clay was a song, it would sing the layers of life ! »  How to resist??

Exhibition soon to be announced ……of 30 unique pieces at Ilab-design in our Art Gallery


… A Master of Urban Chaos and Exuberance

« N’Doye Douts »

Le désordre de la ville, l’enchevêtrement insensé du graphisme des buildings, l’architecture des espaces humains en expansion et les relations que cet espace véhicule sont les thèmes principaux du plasticien sénégalais Douts. Veritable poète et cartographe du chaos urbain, Douts dessine les cartes de nos doutes, de nos combats et de nos rêves.

Urban Chaos scenes are to be seen at Ilab-design at our Art Gallery


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