Newsletter 1 APRIL 2019

What’s new at ILAB-Design ?

ILAB-design has visited recently « The Southern Guild-Cape Town in South Africa .

The Southern Guild provides a very unique gallery showcasing the best of contemporary african design with a spectacular collection of iconic pieces.  

The Southern Guild, based in CapeTown, is a leading gallery representing locally  made collectible design. 

In 2011, it became the first African gallery to be present at Design Miami and in 2015, it was the first to be featured at Christie’s London’s annual auction.  

The Southern Guild’s aim is to redefine the global perceptions of African design and to aid in escalating its value on the international market.

Among the talented designers showcased at the gallery are: Hamed Ouattara, Andile Dyalvane, Atong Tshikare, Cheick Diallo, Porky Hefer, Zizipho Poswa…and many others.   


A New Brand from Senegal   « TISSERAND  DAKAR »

The brand designs and creates refined home decor and personal accessories that showcase the best of West African savoir faire with a touch of global flair.

The Senegalese brand creates personal accessories and home decor using the ancient west African art of weaving . They produce carefully crafted patterns using a range of beautifully woven materials  such as the handwoven « pagne tissé », a fabric woven by the Manjak tribes of Southern Senegal and Northern Guinea.

Their items, although rooted in Africa, have an international appeal that is irresistible to design lovers. Cette marque sénégalaise crée des objets de décoration pour la maison et des accessoires dans la pure tradition du tissage ancien de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, en particulier du Burkina Faso, du Mali et du Niger.

Les motifs sont soigneusement travaillés et la marque se distingue par sa palette de couleurs modernes. C’est ainsi qu’est née une ligne de linge de maison: plaids, coussins, coussins de sol…

Le choix de travailler avec des artisans locaux est une fierté pour la marque.

Aujourd’hui, Tisserand Dakar est présent dans le monde entier et à Genève, chez ILAB-Design


‘The Bachelor’ by Zemba to be seen at ILAB-Design Rediscovering the art of Observing !


Born in DRC, Zemba practices his art in South Africa. His contemporary style is hyper-realistic. His oil canvas portray ordinary people, politicians or migrants but are not suggesting just allowing the viewer to draw their own interpretation. Read more .                                         

‘The Bachelor’ by Zemba to be seen at ILAB-Design      Rediscovering the art of Observing  !