Ndoye Douts is an accomplished Senegalese artist.

Color is the mainstay of his work.

In Douts work, the line has an extraordinary presence in particular the yellow line which divides the sky in two. Horizontal or vertical, straight or curved, lines of water, force, life, demarcation,all the  lines he uses in his painting show their wandering and their exuberance, their ability to invent themselves as well as the audacity of their layout. Often, the line escapes the chaotic constructions to create circulation. Douts finds in these lines the sesame of the energy circulating in all his work. They travel through his paintings like a “red thread”, ensuring the continuity of the same flow where misery and grandeur, darkness and light, sadness and color are linked in the same cycle of exchanges.


His paintings are pleasing to contemplate and meditate in these difficult times.

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