Using recycled barrels of oil as primary material.  Hamed Ouattara, who has been evolving for more than 20 years in this universe, shapes, twists, welds and transforms metal to give it another life.

The novelty of Hamed Ouatarra’s creations is his innovative use of old discarded materials . In pursuit of a decidedly African aesthetic , Ouatarra turns limitations of the continent on their head , fashioning his furniture pieces from scrap metal, much of which is sourced from old oil barrels.

The Deni stool can be used either as a stool to support the weight of a 95 kg person or a container to keep items or a plant holder ….

Hamed Ouattara - Tabouret Deni Fussbank

Stool Deni 3 VENDUS

Stool with green plant

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