Momar Seck is a Senegalese artist who describes his creations as plural units.

His paintings and sculptures come from the assembly of various materials which serve as a metaphor for the diversity in the world.He creates artworks made from a palette of colors enhanced with incrustations including pieces of cloth and other fragments that have their own history. The variety of textures and colors make each creation a symbol of both union and fragile interdependence: a diversity that hangs by a thread. Each work appears as “a singular diversity”.

“My creation is born of my cultural substratum and feeds on incessant crossings with other cultures. “
MOMAR SECK - Fagots - 2
MOMAR SECK - Fagots - 3
MOMAR SECK - Fagots - 1

Artist, painter and sculptor, Momar Seck is a citizen of the world . A Senegalese of Swiss origin who has settled in Geneva since several years, Momar regularly exhibits in Europe and Senegal, notably at the Biennial of Contemporary African Art in Dakar.

Anxious to share, he organizes residencies of Swiss and French artists in Senegal and offers training opportunities and fruitful exchanges to young Senegalese artists. Momar is a professor of art at the International School of Geneva.

Educated at the National School of Arts in Dakar, Momar Seck received a scholarship from the Swiss Federal Commission for Culture for a third advanced course at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Geneva. He holds a PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Strasburg, France, and has received numerous awards.

Exhibitions and awards:

Biennial of Dakar, 1992

Award of the Ambassador of Argentina

Gstaad, 1997

Live Art Award

World AIDS Conference – 1998

Today for Tomorrow Prize


UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of the Visual Arts

Momar has exhibited in

Senegal (Dakar Biennial), Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland (Palais des Nations, Rath Museum Geneva, Kunsthalle Bern).

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