Engraver, painter and sculptor, Bruce Onabrapkeya is one of the best known and most respected artists in Africa. He has been described as a “living legend” “responsible for the revival of contemporary art in Nigeria”. With a career spanning several decades and many notable exhibitions at the Tate Modern Gallery, London, National Museum of African Arts, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, and Malmö Konsthall, Sweden to name a few…

Bruce Onabrapkeya is a well known and recognized name in art circles around the world.

Born in Agbarha-Otor, Delta State, Nigeria, in 1932. He has been described as a “living legend” who was “responsible for the rebirth of contemporary art in Nigeria”. In the early 1960s, during his studies at the Nigerian College of Science, Art & Technology, Zaria, he became one of the leading members of the ‘Zaria Rebels’ who changed the course of art in Nigeria towards a distinct aesthetic. africana.Bruce Onobrakpeya succeeds synthesized the vitality of the great African tradition with the convention and styles of modernity. He fused his training in Western techniques and materials with his own heritage, cultural experience and undeniable African inventiveness. His colorful, stylized and highly textured images are borrowed freely from tribal folklore, Christian iconography and ancestral rites – inviting comparisons with author Ben Okri, a magical realist who shares Onobrakpeya’s sense of the supernatural.

Onobrakpeya is not only known for provocative imaging, but also for the innovative technique. He uses a wide range of engraving techniques, including those he himself invented.

It is well documented and does not need to be presented in art circles around the world. Bruce Onobrakpeya has dedicated his life to his work and is today considered one of the best in his field. Onobrakpeya is listed in International Who’s Who in Art and Antiques and is one of the most important master printers of our time. His international status is the result of 40 years of creative activity, experimentation, scholarly exchange and passion for what he loves.


Gold Medal of Pope Paul VI

for the Painting of the Life of Saint Paul

Major prestigious exhibitions around the world

United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden

Works from public collections

Vatican Museum, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institute, USA, Skissernas Museum, Lund, Sweden

Pieces at the Gallery

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